King Henry Apartments

Located in the heart of Provo, King Henry Apartments offer residents a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. With spacious floor plans, modern amenities, and exceptional customer service, King Henry is an excellent place to call home.


The Rooms:

King Henry Apartments provide various floor plans to cater to the different needs of residents. They offer an array of one, two, three, four, and you guessed it, six-bedroom apartments with shared and private room options. Whether you want a lot of roommates or only a couple, there’s a room for you. The floor plans are fairly spacious, with a good amount of storage space, so the dreaded move in day will feel a whole lot easier.  

Let’s see what one of the residents had to say about it:

“The apartments are older but everything works well. If there are any maintenance issues they are always willing to help.”



The amenities at King Henry are designed to enhance the living experience of residents. The community features a modern fitness center, equipped with several ellipticals and treadmills, in addition to a wide selection of dumbbells. There is also a resort-style swimming pool, a year round hot tub, sand volleyball courts, and an outdoor basketball court.  The clubhouse at King Henry also provides a few cozy fireplaces, comfortable seating, and a fully equipped kitchen, making it the perfect place for hosting parties and events. A big thing King Henry is known for it its lawn. They have several acres of lawn space, making it perfect for practicing for the next intramural ultimate game. Or just laying out and studying in the sunshine. 

volleyball friends

main quad field


Customer Service:

The management team at King Henry is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that residents feel comfortable and happy in their homes. The staff is available most hours of the day, and maintenance is really good at responding so you’ll never have to worry about that clogged toilet for too long.

One of the residents commented:

“Maintenance is so on top of things I genuinely have never had better service”

Not too shabby.



King Henry is located south of BYU campus. A truly coveted location according to most. It’s also only a 5 minute walk to the Vasa and Little Caesar’s. Sounds like a match made in Heaven to me. Not to mention, it’s only a 5 minute drive from BYU campus. You’ll never have to worry about running into traffic on your way to class, and the textbook you forgot in the library will only be a short drive away.



Let’s jump into possibly the most important aspect: The social scene. King Henry is known for its social people and fun atmosphere, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of the residents had to say:

“The social scene is AMAZING there is always something going on, especially when it’s warmer out!! And the shuttle comes right outside your door and takes you to the middle of campus which is so helpful!! Love all the people (and all the boys 😉) 10/10 recommend!

Another reviewer commented:

“I have loved living at King Henry! The apartments are older, but the social environment makes all the difference! Everyone is so friendly and activities are constantly going on! If you are looking to make friends and have the full college experience, King Henry is the place for you.

Overall, King Henry apartments in Provo provide residents with a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. With modern amenities, spacious floor plans, and exceptional customer service, King Henry is an excellent place to call home. Check out all of the student reviews of King Henry apartments on MyPlace today! 

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