How to Use Our Marketplace Feature

An insider’s guide to the easiest way to buy or sell a contract.

The Marketplace is our solution to a long-standing problem that all of us apartment dwelling college students have faced: how to buy and sell apartment contracts without wanting to pull out your hair. We know. We’ve been there.

That’s why we’re excited to say that the Marketplace has the potential to completely transform your apartment shopping experience. Here’s how you’ll be able to use it, in three simple steps, whether you’re a buyer or seller.


  1. Go to the upper tab and click on Buy a Contract. From there, it’ll open up a map which has pins for each of the available contracts and their locations. In addition, there will be a descending list with each of the contracts and their info, including the complex’s ratings.
  2. Select one of the contracts you want to buy and click on View Listing. Here, in order to buy, you have to sign in to or create an account, which is incredibly simple. You can create an account using Facebook or Google, and it’ll automatically create a login for you, or you can use your email, set a password, and log in.
  3. From here, just press Message Seller, and write a message to the seller, leaving your preferred contact info. You’re done! Now you just wait for them to reply.


  1. Go to the upper tab and click on Sell a Contract. From there, it’ll open up a form where you fill out the specifics of your apartment or house.
  2. Fill out the form, and be sure to include details in the descriptions box. This will be a great place to personally advertise your apartment for a potential seller, so try to include as much interesting and useful information as possible. Be sure to upload images of your apartment. The more, the better. This will give buyers more of an opportunity to browse your living arrangement, and really get a feel for the space.
  3. Select your plan. This is where you can decide how urgently you need to sell your contract. You can pick from the 21-Day, 14 Day, 7 Day, 3 Day, or 1 Day plans, which prioritize your contract and get you in contact with a buyer within your chosen time frame. While we ensure connecting you with a potential buyer, we cannot guarantee that the sale will be final.  If you are in no rush, then there is a free plan. If we do not pair you with a buyer, then you will get your money refunded.

*Keep in mind that there is a permanent, non-refundable 15% fee on any transaction that is excluded from the refund in order to cover our costs.

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