Biggest Roommate Horror Stories

You think your roommate is bad…

Have you ever had a bad roommate? I think most of us have. If not…I hate to break it to you, but YOU might be the bad roommate. Kidding…of course. However, these following four stories from some of your fellow Utah students may make you realize that your roommate situation isn’t all that bad.

  1. The Floor Freak
  2. The Bed Renter
  3. The Hygiene Hater
  4. The Messy Missus

1. The Floor Freak

“I was moving into my new apartment for the school year, and I walked into my shared room. I noticed nobody was in the room, or so I thought. I was unpacking some stuff and heard a groan behind me. I looked behind me and there he was, my roommate sleeping UNDER his bed in a sleeping bag.

I thought to myself, “What the crap?” and noticed too that he was cuddling a stuffed tiger. Later that night, I asked him if he was just used to sleeping on the floor because of the mission or something, and he replied, “I haven’t been on a mission yet. I’ve done this since I was 13.” Did I want to cry? Yes.

The rest of the school year, whenever I would come home late from something, he would always either be asleep, or just be awake enough to say “hi” in the dark room from the shadows underneath his bed. Super nice guy, though.”

– N

2. The Bed Renter

“On two separate occasions (and maybe more that I’m unaware of) my roommate let strangers sleep in my bed. She assumed that if I hadn’t come home by a certain time, my bed wasn’t in use and let her friends stay there.

The first time happened when I stayed the night at my parent’s house which is about 40 minutes away from campus. The next day I found my bed was unmade (which was weird because I always made it) and when I asked my roommate if she knew anything about it, she confessed she had let someone else stay there because she assumed I wasn’t coming home. I washed my sheets immediately thereafter and asked her to ask my permission in the future.

The next time it happened, I had come home late from hanging out with friends and I walked in to a girl sitting on my bed ready to go to sleep. My roommate and I had an argument about it and I moved out the next day. Who knows who else slept in my bed while I was gone that summer!

– K

3. The Hygiene Hater

“The most disgusting man to ever live. He was banned from his last apartment complex due to the smell and mold growth that had begun in his kitchen cabinets. He wore that with pride. He never cleaned, and when I cleaned, he said, “ha, you’re like my mom.” Now I’m not a vulgar man, but I became a rage-filled sailor at that moment.

After this, he stopped talking to me and started his psychological attacks, whistling a single note while in the room, but he had no idea he was dealing with the pettiest man alive. As he whistled, I would egg him on. “Louder!” I would yell. “A new note, please!” “We need to diversify your notes for a concert!” He asked another one of my roommates, “Do you shower like…every day?”

“I don’t have to. I like to shower like once a week if that!” We had a running complaint that eventually got him moved to a different apartment in the complex. He bounces around now as he gets kicked from each complex, slowly destroying his roommates’ nasal glands and mental stability.”

– J

4. The Messy Missus

“I moved into my housing for this semester in January, and my roommates were literally terrible lol. First of all one of them had a cat, and she kept the litter box in the shared bathroom, and it STANK so bad. Also I’ve literally never seen anybody as messy as they were; they had dishes piling up in the sink that were there since BEFORE Christmas break that they just never cleaned, and the other day i saw a pot of pasta on the stove that had been sitting on the stove for so long that it had MOLD growing on it. So gross.

Also, the girl who had the cat was almost never home so the cat would just wander into my room and get stuck under the bed, or jump up into the kitchen counter and start eating my food. I couldn’t stand it so I put myself in the waitlist for another apartment and I just moved out this week lol. I pray for whoever takes my room fr”

– H

We hope you enjoyed that rollercoaster ride of roommates as much as we did. If you ever find that your roommate situation is getting out of hand, be sure to check out our Marketplace, and we’ll help you find some new digs in no time. All of your apartment needs, all on MyPlace.

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