Top 7 Best Places to Live in Provo for Students (2022)

8 months and over 2,000 reviews later, we wanted to give an update on the best student housing options for students in Provo, UT.

A lot has changed with housing in the last year, especially with the BYU housing changes that hit Provo housing hard. Luckily, we still have the data to show you who has been thriving under these changing circumstances (we’ve only taken into account properties with 20+ reviews, as that data is more accurate). Here’s who’s come out on top at MyPlace:


#7. The Branbury

Social: 3.7 | Management: 4.3 | Quality: 3.7 | Overall: 3.9 | Price: $450

Ah, the Branbury. Though one of the biggest complexes in the area, many consider it to be a hidden gem among Provo housing. The apartments are a little older, yet well kept, with private and shared rooms both available. The buildings aren’t as bunched as other complexes, but it’s no problem to meet people if you take advantage of their overwhelming number of amenities: Swimming pool/hot tub, volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court, pickleball court (how many courts can one complex have?) and a fitness center!

Where the Branbury stands out is its management–students rated them at a 4.3 out of 5. 4.3 rating? For Provo housing? You honestly can’t ask for anything better. A high management rating is extremely rare in student housing, so it’s best for you to take advantage of all the Branbury has to offer. They have a way of really connecting to their tenants, and one of our reviewers told us why:

[I] became really good friends with the office. They are college students too, so it’s nice to know that they see both sides of things.

Another reviewer simply said,

Management is on their best game.

As a young college student, it’s easy to get taken advantage of by landlords due to our relative inexperience. What a nice breath of fresh air to know that at least the Branbury has our best interests in mind.

While it’s not a close walk to campus, the Branbury’s location is still more than ideal. It gets a personal stop from the UVX bus and BYU’s Ryde shuttle, making free, daily rides to campus not a problem, and it’s right in between several grocery stores and a few minutes away from the mall. So, you won’t have to worry about quick access to important things while living here.

Overall, if you’re looking for a place with great amenities, a central location, and the best management you could ask for, we highly recommend the Branbury.

To get a better picture of the Branbury, check out their reviews here.


#6. Campus Plaza

Social: 4.0 | Management: 4.0 | Quality: 4.0 | Overall: 4.3 | Price: $305

If you want a complex close to campus, you cannot get any closer than Campus Plaza–it’s literally at the foot of South Campus. Whereas the quality is standard as far as Provo housing goes, Campus Plaza has one of the highest social ratings in the whole area. The W shape of the complex allows for a sports court and a grass area to be the center of the complex, making it an ideal place to socialize and gather with friends. These aren’t your standard “Provo bros” either–one reviewer said it best when they reported,

The people are down-to-earth and welcoming.

Another reviewer said it was,

not cliquey.

Okay, one more:

If you want to meet people and never be lonely again, THIS is the place to live.

I mean, come on–nice people, welcoming crowd, AND it’s not cliquey? Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

Now let’s talk about price: It’s cheap. Like really cheap. And as if it wasn’t cheap enough during the Fall and Winter, Campus Plaza has slashed rates during the summer, cutting your rent price in half (about $145 a month!). Can’t argue with that.

As far as management is concerned, reviewers have reported friendly, helpful, communicative, responsive, and consistency among the management. It helps that it’s a generational family-owned complex. They will also be BYU-contracted this fall.

We’ll close off #6 on the list with a line from a recent tenant to sum up:

The social scene, the proximity to campus, and the price are the winning attributes of Campus Plaza.

To get a better picture of Campus Plaza, check out their reviews here.


#5. The Village at South Campus

Social: 4.0 | Management: 4.0 | Quality: 4.0 | Overall: 4.3 | Price: $595

The Village is one of the most well-known destinations for students in the entire Provo and Orem area. And with a 4.3 quality rating and only a 10-minute walk to BYU campus, it’s no wonder the Village makes the top 7 list for best places in Provo for students:

[I] Really appreciate the convenience of this complex.

Beyond the high quality and good location of their apartments, the Village thrives under its popping social scene. With a central courtyard in between the main buildings of the Village, it makes it feel like a community and encourages a lot of social activities to happen. It’s a big complex, too, so things are always happening in the courtyard and throughout the big, open hallways of the buildings. One tenant was to the point:

Everyone can find a group to hangout with.

Additionally the management is really everything you’d want it to be: responsive and helpful. And let’s not forget–PRIVATE ROOMS! In-unit washer and dryer! Garage parking! Fitness center! Pool and hot tub! The village has everything you’d need to have a great college experience.

To get a better picture of the Village at South Campus, check out their reviews here.

If you are interested in living at the Village, you can message them below:

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#4. The Colony

Social: 4.5 | Management: 3.7 | Quality: 4.0 | Overall: 4.1 | Price: $345

The Colony has always been one of the most coveted places to live in Provo for student housing. And with them switching to BYU Contracted, it’s no wonder they’ve had no trouble filling their slots for Fall 2022.

Here is what you’ll get when living at the Colony: a neighborhood-like experience (with private, cheap street parking!), and great quality for the price–all at a location just a stone’s throw away from campus. Plus, you’ll get a community pickleball court, volleyball court, basketball court, pool and hot tub to enjoy with others.

How are the people, you might ask? Let one of the Colony’s 121 reviews tell you:

I love the people at the Colony! You will likely never meet such an accepting group again.

Let’s quote another review, just to drive the point home:

The people are honestly the best part of the Colony and the reason I stay.

A warm, inviting social crowd is one of the key things that contributes to the Colony’s neighborhood-like experience and it’s overall popularity among students. As far as South Campus goes, it’s hard to beat. Responsive management and a cheap, $345 rental price seals the deal for the Colony as one of Provo’s best places to live for students.

To get a better picture of the Colony, check out their reviews here.


#3. King Henry

Social: 4.6 | Management: 4.2 | Quality: 3.9 | Overall: 4.3 | Price: $350

King Henry’s reputation speaks for itself. Ask anyone who lives in Provo what the most social complex is in Provo and King Henry will undoubtedly come up in conversation (and their 129 supporting reviews don’t lie). In fact, King Henry won the #1 Social Complex in our 2021 Housing Awards. Their reputation is likely to continue to hold as the become BYU contracted for the Fall.

As said before, the social aspect of the complex drives a lot of buzz about King Henry in the Provo area. It’s no surprise why either, with huge grass lawns for spike ball or outdoor games, a full sand volleyball court for play, a basketball court, and a pool and hot tub all to facilitate fun all the time, it’s a standard hangout spot even if you don’t live there–so get ready to meet lots of fun, new people!

The location is also a major plus. Frequent stops from the BYU Ryde shuttle and UVX bus help students get to campus on time without having to pay cent. The couple-minute walk from the Provo VASA gym, popular food stops, and local plasma donating center also contribute to King Henry’s prime location.

The management team at King Henry is also incredible. Here’s what their tenants have to say about them:

They don’t do anything sneaky so I’ve never felt ripped off by them. Pricing, fees, and utilities are super reasonable.


The management is incredible. Very responsive with the phones and they are so friendly and fun. They also make a great effort to bring fun events for all the residents to enjoy that make it so fun.

With getting ripped of being a common fear among student renters, King Henry’s management has built a reputation of trust and transparency with its tenants. This combined with fun amenities and reasonable rent rates make King Henry a top 3 sought-after place to live in Provo for student housing.

To get a better picture of King Henry, check out their reviews here.


#2. The Isles

Social: 4.3 | Management: 4.0 | Quality: 4.7 | Overall: 4.3 | Price: $575

If you’re interested in living at the Isles, one thing is for certain: It’s nice. And I’m not just talking about the quality (though reviewers have said, “It feels like you’re living in a courtyard hotel.”); the social scene is tight-knit, management is responsive and quick to fix things in your apartment, and it’s about as close to BYU campus as you can get for off-campus housing–not only are neighboring complexes just a short walk away, BYU’s south campus, duck pond, and Smith Fieldhouse are right across the street.

It’s a surprisingly high quality complex, and you get what you pay for. Private and Shared rooms are available, with in-unit laundry and a shared vanity. The community amenities are top-of-the-line, including a pool, hot tub, and a clubhouse with a small basketball court inside. It might as well have a sign that says, “HAVE FUN HERE.” Our reviewers would agree:

We do fun stuff every week and it truly feels like a family.

With clean, luxurious apartments, a covered parking spot, a hopping social scene, and a great location, you are well taken care of at the Isles. One of our reviewers said it best, when they said:

Best place to live in Provo. End of story. You get what you pay for and that’s a resort-like experience close to campus.

To get a better picture of the Isles, check out their reviews here.


#1. Cinnamon Tree

Social: 4.6 | Management: 4.2 | Quality: 3.9 | Overall: 4.3 | Price: $320

Cinnamon Tree takes the cake for the best place to live in Provo for students. Why? 3 things: Social scene, management, and price. With all of the apartments facing a central area with a pool, basketball and volleyball court, it provides a welcoming atmosphere for everyone to get involved in activities–no crazy parties; just fun, chill vibes. One tenant said it best:

I think Cinnamon Tree has the friendliest community I’ve ever lived at.

Now on to the Management. If you read their reviews, you’ll see that they are filled with compliments on the responsiveness and friendliness of the management — a rarity in the Provo housing market. They are quick to address fixes, are incredibly responsive, and, because Cinnamon Tree is a smaller complex, they are personable.

Let’s talk price–only $320? No wonder people are loving it here. Not to mention, Cinnamon Tree has slashed rates for Spring and Summer leases–so if you sign a Spring and Summer contract, you’re only paying $200 a month! And even though the quality may not be 5-star, tenants agree:

I think the Quality is amazing for the price we pay.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap, social environment where you’ll get taken care of at a walkable location from BYU, Cinnamon Tree is our #1 recommendation.

To get a better picture of Cinnamon Tree, check out their reviews here.

And that about wraps it up! We at MyPlace are constantly reading the reviews left by you, the students, so we can keep writing articles like these to help you in your search for housing. As you keep rating, we keep writing. So, make sure to stay updated by subscribing to our email list and see our ratings for yourself.

All the information presented in this article was based off of the reviews you left, so thank you for your support and please leave a review of your current complex here to help others know what your place is like before they move in. All your apartment needs, all at MyPlace.

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